Best Paper Awards

The “Best Paper Awards” will be given to the studies which will be selected by the committee among the presented papers/posters presented in ICEBSS 2018 and applied for the award. The 5-people award committee will be recommended by the advisory committee and the nominees will be evaluated with blind peer review system. Study’s relevance to the symposium’s scope, its scientific contribution, writing/presentation style will be considered in the evaluation process. The “Best Paper Awards” will be given for each discipline.

For the academics in Turkey: These awards can be assessed in the scope of “International Awards of Science and Arts” due to the 9th item of the Academic Activity and Score Table in the Academic Incentive Regulation.


  • ICEBSS The Researcher of the Year Award (Conditions: Being a participant in the symposium, age of 40 and older, application with a CV)
  • ICEBSS The Young Researcher of the Year Award (Conditions: Being a participant in the symposium, age of 40 and younger, application with a CV)
  • Best Oral Presentation Award (1st,2nd,3rd)
  • Best Visual Presentation Award (1st,2nd,3rd) [For poster presentations]
  • Best Research Award (1st,2nd,3rd) [For poster presentations]

Authors may apply for the award by filling the “AWARD APPLICATION FORM” which will be sent by ICEBSS after the acceptance of their papers/posters. Acceptance of the study does not certify the acceptance to the award evaluation process. 

Apart from these awards, the committee may reward selected studies with an “Honorable Mention Award” without an award application requirement. The members of Advisory and Scientific Committee can not be qualified for an award except for the “Honorable Mention Award”.


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