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In order to have information regarding enrty to Hungary please click on the link to view Hungary visa regime and list of the countries that do not need visa to enter the country. If you need visa to enter Hungary please click on the link to learn about procedure for obtaninin visa. Please do not make payment without obtanin visa to enter the country. 


By plane

Most travellers will arrive via Budapest Franz Liszt International Airport(IATA: BUD), (Budapest Liszt Ferenc Nemzetközi Repülőtér). It is also possible to fly to airports in Debrecen, Sármellék, Győr-Pér and Pécs-Pogány. Liszt Ferenc airport, also commonly referred to by the old name Ferihegy, is Hungary's largest airport and it is located about 16km (10 miles) southeast of the city centre. It is a small airport by international standards, easy to navigate, and well connected to the city by public transit. Tickets will direct visitors to either terminal "2A" (gates 20-30, Schengen-area destinations) or "2B" (gates 11-19, non-Schengen-area destinations), but the airport is now only one terminal and 2A and 2B simply refer to two halves of the same building. The signs point to separate security entrances for 2A or 2B but both lead to the same post-security area, so in practice, travellers can easily use either entrance, especially if line-ups are longer at one than the other. Behind security, there are typical airport shops and services, including duty-free stores operated by Travel Value, luxury brand shops, fast-food stops, restaurants, and cafes.


To/From the airport

Public transport. The main public transit connection from the airport to the city is to take bus 200E from the airport to metro M3 (blue line) end station 'Kőbánya-Kispest' (~25 minutes) and then to continue within the metro system (~20-30 minutes to city centre). One public transport ticket for each leg. (See Get Around for ticket information.) The route is well marked with signs and the bus runs frequently. The bus stops almost right next to the metro stop, but be prepared to carry luggage up or down some stairs.

It is also possible to take the 200E bus to the local Ferihegy train station and continue on the MAV network to Nyugati station in Budapest or other rail destinations. 

Taxi. The only contracted taxi operator from Liszt Ferenc airport is Főtaxi. Depending on your destination, the cost for a trip to Budapest will range from 5,000 to 10,000 HUF. (Taxis now universally cost 450 HUF base price and 280 HUF for every kilometer. The inner city is around 20 kilometers from Terminal 2.)

Official shuttle AirportShuttle.Hu The Shuttle Service operated by Pte Ltd had ceased activity as of the 31st of December 2015. From 2016, official shuttle services are operated by MiniBUD Ltd. One-way fares range from 1900 to 6500 HUF, depending on destination within Budapest.


By train


Trains connect Budapest with almost all countries in central and eastern Europe. The main railway stations (pályaudvar) are Keleti pályaudvar (Eastern Railway Station), Déli pályaudvar(Southern Railway Station) and Nyugati pályaudvar (Western Railway Station). All are well connected to the metro system. Most international trains arrive at Keleti, but check your particular itinerary.


By bus


Hungary’s national bus network is operated by Volán Association. If you arrive to Budapest from another Hungarian city, bus is often the best option. International bus routes are operated by Eurolines +36-1 318-2122 Most connections run two or three times a week; connections to/from Austria and Slovakia run daily. Orangeways 36-30 830-9696, offers cheap tickets to and from Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Netherlands, Poland and Slovakia. Eurobusways do shared or private transfers from door to door from Budapest to many destinations including Slovakia, Croatia, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Romania

Budapest’s long distance bus stations are located outside the city centre, but are very well connected to the rest of the city. The main stations are:

  • Népliget Bus station (Népliget autóbuszállomás, metro 3, Népliget station). Buses from abroad and most of Western Hungarian destinations arrive and depart here. It is a fairly modern station with reliable facilities. Do not forget to check-in if you travel abroad.
  • Stadion Bus Station (Stadion autóbuszállomás, formerly known as Népstadion autóbuszállomás, metro 2 Puskás Ferenc Stadion station). This is the biggest hub for Eastern Hungarian destinations, quite modern but somewhat dirty station built underground.
  • Árpád Bridge Bus Station (Árpád híd autóbuszállomás, metro 3 Árpád híd station). This is a smaller station for some Northern destinations and suburban traffic; use it to and from Szentendre, Esztergom or Visegrád.


  • Etele tér Bus Station (Etele téri autóbuszállomás, bus 7E, 173E). This is a newly built station next to Kelenföld Railway Station, at the terminus of metro line 4. Useful for getting to Statue Park and some suburban destinations.




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