For Turkish Participants

Dear Colleagues,


The main purpose of ICEBSS is to create a platform to share knowledge especially for economics, business management and other related fields of social sciences without doubt. Moreover, it is quite clear that the valuable studies presented and published in organisations like ICEBSS offer an opportunity for finding support for upcoming researches, getting promoted in the academy or earning an incentive premium.


We believe that these outcomes should be corollary of a high quality conference. In this context, we want to state that ICEBSS meets all the associate professorship promotion and annual academic incentive premium conditions of "Turkey Council of Higher Education".


As the organising commitee of ICEBSS, we support these conditions and believe that these will improve the quality of Turkish Academy.


We would like to thank you for sharing your qualified researches with us. We look forward to meeting you in ICEBSS.


Prof. Dr. Mahmut ZORTUK

Coordinator of ICEBSS


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International Conference On Economics, Business Management and Social Sciences